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Elite Speech Therapy Services provides speech-language intervention to people across all ages (birth to geriatric) on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Sydney wide. We provide state of the art programs and individualised services that will provide you with meaningful results.

Our experienced staff provide evaluations and therapy for language delays/disorders, articulation and phonological impairments, stuttering, vocal pathology, cognitive/memory deficits, swallowing disorders, and feeding concerns. We provide state of the art programs and individualised services that will provide you with meaningful results.

Elite Speech Therapy Services offers specialty programs including the Elite Swallow Rehabilitation Program. This specific program is tailored to individuals with dysphagia and those with oral motor dysfunction resulting in impairments in speech production and/or swallowing. Treatment modalities, such as VitalStim Therapy, are utilized to remediate these conditions and improve the quality of life of our clients. View our services to read more about our various programs and to find out what Elite Speech Therapy Services can do for you. 

Elite Speech Therapy Services offers you a transformative experience.

We have worked with people of all ages and ability levels. We understand that no two people are the same and as a result the importance of individualized therapy programs. We believe in viewing each person as a whole to better identify and treat underlying deficits. At Elite Speech Therapy Services we work with you to customize a program that best suits your needs and yields results that speak for themselves.

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Phyisotherapy and Occupational Therapy

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Phyisotherapy and Occupational Therapy In addition to Speech-Language Therapy, Elite Therapy Services offers paediatric Occupational Therapy, and Physiotherapy services via online sessions. Face to face sessions will also be available soon. At Elite Therapy Services, we believe in working as a team and aim to collaborate with all professionals working with our clients in order…

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Does my child need therapy?

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Understanding what is normal when it comes to speech-language skills can be a difficult challenge! Every child develops at a different rate but it is important to understand the ranges of normal and when to seek help. If you have any concerns about your child’s speech-language development, please contact our clinic to speak to one…

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